Jennette McCurdy's Revelatory Memoir Sells Out on Amazon, One Day After Release

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Jennette McCurdy's new diary is a torrent of stunners, starting with its title: I'm Glad My Mom Died. What's more, individuals are paying heed, as the book took off to #4 on Amazon's blockbuster diagrams (and #2 in diaries), before the actual duplicate sold out on Amazon by and large.

Luckily, you can anyway get the past Nickelodeon star's tell-all at, or buy the Kindle advanced book on Amazon (Amazon is furthermore expected to re-stock the book online here).

I'm Glad My Mom Died bases on the maltreatment McCurdy experienced her mom, however it likewise describes the manipulative, improper treatment of youngster stars at Nickelodeon

 Albeit some have been reproachful of McCurdy's title, the general reaction has been positive. "There ought not be no Jennette McCurdy talk tbh - simply perpetual help," peruses one Tweet that got 110,00 Likes

The journal additionally dives into the underside of Nickelodeon. McCurdy was one of the organization's stars in the late oughts and 2010s, playing Sam in iCarly and the show's side project, Sam and Cat, with Ariana Grande

At Nickelodeon, "The Creator" (who is logical iCarly's maker and maker, Dan Schneider) forced McCurdy to wear swimsuits, drink liquor before she was of lawful drinking age, and rubbed her without assent.

"I need to say something, to advise him to stop," she expresses, "yet I'm so frightened of culpable him." At one point, McCurdy declined $300,000 in quiet cash from the organization.

McCurdy additionally subtleties dissatisfactions with Ariana Grande, her co-star on Sam and Cat, who was permitted to discard recording meetings for different open doors, while McCurdy was not.

"So I need to switch down motion pictures while Ariana's off whistle-conditioning at the Billboard Music Awards? Fuck. This," composes McCurdy.